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Earth4Energy – The Revolutionary Energy Saver!

Many people are leery about going too far with saving energy by homemade methods and there are many sites and products on the web claiming the best ways to living green, but more often than not they’re a scam with no results. So when I see these products appear I’m skeptical, but with Earth4Energy I decided to pursue it further and investigate.

I was minding my business and browsing around the web to see how I could reasonably save money on my energy bills and I found Earth4Energy. I dug around further and found that this guide was being purchased by hundreds of people EVERY DAY.

Does Earth4Energy Meet Or Beat Their Claims?

homemade windmill
A windmill from the Earth4Energy kit

Earth4Energy Claim #1:  a significant reduction in your typical energy bill from 50% – 80% and amazingly as high as 100%

Before you start asking – of course this would depend on what type of house you have and what your energy requirements would be. With regards to Earth4Energy – they’re targeting the average single family homes and not mansions (of course if you have a mansion, then you just need to scale up).

Most average family homes will see a huge reduction in their home energy bills by merely using the windmill that exists in the Earth4Energy guide.  Most people tend to construct multiple windmills once they see the benefits of the first windmill 😉

Aside from the windmill there are also solar panels and they generate a significant amount of energy, which obviously lowers your energy bills. If you’re thinking of having solar panels professionally installed like I was at first, think again – they typically cost $5,000+. By using the Earth4Energy guide you can construct your own solar panels that are comparable to professional solar panels for hundreds instead of thousands (this is where I was sold on Earth4Energy). Of course the energy the solar panels generates needs to go somewhere and that somewhere is batteries that the guide explains in detail.

My humble opinion is that the windmill and the solar panels are extremely sufficient to match the claim of a 50% to 80% reduction in typical home energy costs.

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Earth4Energy Claim #2:  they’re easy to construct and cost less than $200

One of the things I usually see with these type of products is that it’s easy and cheap – how many of those have you seen?  When I first saw this I immediately assumed that this product requires huge amounts of money and loads of time – boy was I wrong!  The various devices they show you how to put together were within my overall budget and they surprisingly easy to put together.

Looking at the instructions I started to realize why this product was selling like hot cakes – they were SO simple to follow.  My guess would be that if you’ve ever assembled furniture from a box that you’ll have no problem assembling the windmill and solar panels they describe.

To top all of this off the cost for building the windmill they describe is less than $100 since you can find many of the parts of unused household items.  So basically with a little effort and a few parts that cost less than $100 you can have an energy saving source that will lower your monthly energy costs.

A Solar Panel?

homemade solar panel
A solar panel that was built from Earth4Energy kit 

The solar panel was slightly more challenging to construct than the windmill, but the effort was well spent.  The Earth4Energy guide explains how to build a solar panel in great detail – just take your time.

Although it was slightly more expensive than the windmill, the solar panel system takes the sun’s energy and converts it into usable electricity that feeds your house.  Did you know that if your house generates excess electricity that the power company PAYS YOU?

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So with the amazing instructions included with this kit and the low costs, it can easily save you loads of money every month. Due to the amazing success of this kit, the creator of the kit (Michael Harvey) put the Earth4Energy kit on sale for a very limited time – don’t miss out!  The Earth4Energy kit normally costs $89.97, but during this limited time sale you can have it for a measly $49.97!  Did I mention you also get full lifetime support?

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Time to wrap this up…  Earth4Energy is an amazing guide and worth every penny of the investment. Of course it won’t save you any money if you don’t actually put forth the effort to build and implement the devices they explain.

#1: Earth4Energy Will Save You Money

Of course this will vary by person and situation since all houses are different and use a variety of different fuels and energy.  The one thing that is certain is that you’ll make back your investment in this guide and the various items that are required within a few days – seriously – that fast!

Take a brief look at the ROI for the Earth4Energy kit.The windmill they describe typically costs $100 and will be generating electricity for 3 – 5 years (probably more) and most likely saving you thousands of dollars.  The solar panel they describe can typically be constructed for approximately $150 – that’s WAY cheaper than $5,000 for a professional.  So by spending $250 and some time you can have 2 devices working and saving you money immediately AND will last for many years.

Let’s say you only manage to save a conservative $30 per week – that means you’ll have paid for the kit and devices costs in 2.5 months.  If you went the professional route it would take you YEARS to recoup those costs.


#2: Earth4Energy Devices are Extremely Easy to Build

They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all devices are easy to build with minimal tools – these instructions work – period.

Thousands of people who have purchased Earth4Energy have already attempted and succeeded when building these devices.  You have nothing to worry about – if you run into any challenges, they have people standing by to help you.


#3: Earth4Energy Company and  Team are Professional

How many times have you purchased something only to have it fail in days or weeks?

The good news for you is that Earth4Energy does NOT have you build crap – they are all top notch energy saving devices. Earth4Energy shows you exactly how to build a windmill and solar panel that not only lasts for years, but saves you tons of money!

UPDATE – they now provide you with a full 60 day money back guarantee!!


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